Within the Magdalena River valley in the department of Tólima, there is a territory where clay and colors combine to create pottery full of history: La Chamba. A pottery tradition has been passed down from generation to generation in this area of the country for more than three hundred years. People of the Pijao culture, including the Poinco and Yarapogo, first inhabited the area, and the red clay slip technique has been accepted and preserved until today. The artisans of this region have made clay work a tradition, creating pieces that reflect its history and culture. Through their dedication and talent, the community has managed to position itself nationally and internationally as a pottery community, dedicated to the art of pottery. posicionarse a nivel nacional e internacional mediante el trabajo que realizan a diario.

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In this region, ceramics are closely related to women,

who are the ones who give life to clay with their hands and souls. Material gathered from the earth's depths unites mother earth's energy with the women of the area. These women capture their essence and soul by shaping objects, giving them unique beauty. The process of obtaining a piece of Menguante begins with the men of the community heading to the mines and some deposits to extract the clay and prepare it. The ceramic we use is the result of the combination of three types of clay; dark smooth, sandy gray, and red clay. As a result, the process of preparing or molding the pieces is done by hand and using a few tools that are developed by the artisans themselves. Typical finishes for the region include "burnishing" (to give the ceramics a shine) and "varnished with red clay". After this, the pieces are burned in ovens made of clay at temperatures between 700ºC and 750ºC for two or three hours and smoked to obtain the black color. Through a process that requires patience and dedication in alignment and respect with the land, we are able to create works of art that reflect the feminine energy and traditions of the Amerindian peoples that once inhabited our lands. As a result, Menguante honors and makes visible the creative process that has evolved into an innovative tradition.

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