Metals such as gold, silver, and copper were the first metals used by mankind. Over time, copper was discovered to be much harder and easier to melt if it was melted in a high-temperature furnace and mixed with tin. Bronze was a crucial element in the development of humanity, allowing weapons, tools, and ornaments to be made.

Introducing · GERARDO BORDA

By chance, steel was discovered

and soon became the preferred material for weapons and armor. As a result of this material's unique properties, new alloys and coatings are always being developed. The original functions of metals have not changed today. With its malleability, ease of melting, and ability to reflect light, Gerardo Borda has created the perfect marriage between metal and minerals found in Colombia's vast landscape, shaping each of the handcrafted pieces of Menguante.

Levo Bronce

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Steel Table Lamp

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Small Stell Wall Light

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